Nick Wakeling

Nick Wakeling graduated from The Norwich School of Art and Design in 2010. Since then he has found his strength in repeat pattern and colour. He combines the two together to produce bold and strong images that make the eyes boogie. Nick finds his inspiration from Aztec, Aboriginal and Egyptian art. He merges the three defined styles together to produce his own patterns. Overtime Nick has left the sketchbook and has taken a huge interest of drawing patterns on different surfaces especially wall murals.



Nick is also an aspiring colourist who currently works at Molinare. He has graded many fun projects from music videos to short films, including The Silent Child which won Best Live Action Short film at the 2018 Oscars.


Impulse Prints

Nick is also founder of Impulse Prints. A fun project founded in 2014 which offers a series of hand drawn patterns all drawn by Nick himself. Since 2014 Nick has produced his patterns on a series of prints which have been displayed on peoples walls all over the country. Nick has also started to take  his patterns off the page and display them on skateboard decks.


Old Truman Brewery, Battersea Doodle Bar, Okido Magazine, Carrousel Agency, Froud & Co Barbers, Dry-Ice Cleaners, Bussey Building, Lomography, Kantar Added Value, Global Street Art, Jack Arts, Coco Di Mama, Oculus, Slick Showreels.